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The extremely suspenseful soundtrack has been fine-tuned according to the movement on the turntable. The calls of werewolves and hunters added a dramatic effect when joined on the reels. These animations prove that Yggdrasil has high creativity. In particular, the battle between the hunter and the werewolf is simply amazing.

Four low salary symbols can be stacked into one to three high symbols. In ascending order of value, these are blue diamonds, green clubs, purple spades and red hearts. The three symbols on the median level can only be stacked up to two symbols high, and consist of a silver pile that kills werewolves, a monster trap, and a green poison bottle. The red-eyed werewolf is a symbol of high salary. When the hunter successfully killed the beast, it became a sticky wildness for people to reuse. The standard wild symbol is shown as an intricate golden tile with the word "Wild" literally. The bonus symbol appears in the form of a male hunter-only on the first wheel, while the female hunter appears on the fifth wheel.

The game has three meters: at the top of the game window, there is a hunter rage meter on each side, and a wolf health meter. When the game is first loaded, the hunter table is randomly set to 30 of 70 and 100. The wolf meter is set to 600. Any progress will be stored to each casino account separately.

To trigger a hunter to spin freely, any hunter meter needs to be filled with 100. Each time the wolf is successfully killed, the meter will increase by 1 point, and at the same time, the wolf watch will decrease by 1. When the wolf meter reaches zero, the killer is granted free spins.


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