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This taste of Chinese culture is perfect for fans of classic slot machines or simple slot machines. The easy operation makes it ideal for novice online gamblers. However, surprisingly, the wide betting range also makes it an attractive game with high stakes.

The game's betting structure provides an impressive "line bet" ranging from 0.05-250.00. Therefore, the bet on this fixed structure starts at 0.50 per rotation and reaches an astonishing maximum bet of 2,500.00. If you have enough financial resources, the lion dance will truly amaze you.

The Chinese have many traditions of luck and prosperity, many of which can play a good role in the free lion dance performance. The palette is full of soft pink and relaxing purple, all of which highlight lucky red and gold.

The 3x3 scroll is set in a pagoda-style building among the mountains. The clouded floor gives a different impression, we are floating. Two golden imperial guard lions stand on each side of the scroll, and the screen is decorated with cherry blossoms.

The 3D graphics are beautifully presented, and the soundtrack is charming and mellow music played on traditional instruments. "Lion Dance" is an easy-to-learn game that can be played for a long time.


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