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India as we know it today is a far cry from the one we are facing-here, knowledge about its suspicious politics and extreme poverty has been abandoned, focusing on the mystery of this sacred but volatile country. It does not tell us a story, but it puts an exotic scene in front of us. The exact location is determined by imagination, thinking fills the gap and creates a unique atmosphere for each user.

Indian mythology lives on a calm lake, and the architectural wonders hidden in the background are mostly outlined. Provide one of the most romantic backgrounds in your imagination, you will be able to lie on the flower bed, and your thoughts can drift at a leisurely pace.

In the time you think about, you will see several symbols, some of which are inspirations for the game itself, while others are neatly dressed suits that bring a lot of money, but the style has not changed. All in all, this is a beautiful picture drawn for us, but does it meet its aesthetic requirements?


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