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The beautifully decorated environment has multiple Chinese symbols and two majestic tiger statues made of glass. The game interface provides all statistical data presented through the baccarat-style road, enabling players to predict the outcome of the next round.

As with all Evolution live dealer products, the options in the game include sound and video controls, detailed game rules, choice between classic and 3D viewing modes, and the opportunity to chat with dealers.

This is a beautiful-looking game that follows one of the most popular themes. If the beast in the whole myth makes you feel cold, don't ignore the Dragon Tiger card casino. It is still an good card casino, even if most of the expenditure is low, you can win frequent wins.

If you are a fan of Asian themed casino, then don't miss the Dragon Tiger Luck slot machine game. You can try this slot machine for free here and then play real money in one of our favorite online casinos.


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